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Scanning Slides

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Slide Scanning to Preserve and Share

Do you have memories trapped in slides? Unless you still have an old projector how do you view them? And even if you do, then how how do you share them? We can take those memories and capture them using digital technology and convert them to jpeg files that can be viewed easily on any computer. We can also go one step further and print all of those new jpeg images, help design a photo book, or create a slideshow that you can watch on your DVD player or television. Slide scans are made on our commercial scanning device, then each slide is color and contrast corrected by a trained human.

Standard Resolution Slide Scans

Our standard resolution scans from slides will deliver a jpeg file (approximately 1024x1536) perfect for sharing your pictures digitally, making new prints, for inclusion in video and presentation projects and as digital backups. $0.79 per scan

High Resolution Slide Scans

We also offer high-resolution slide scans as an option. The high resolution option will deliver a jpeg file approximately 2400x3600 pixels. This is the best resolution option to produce large prints 16x20 and above. $1.29 per scan.

Slide scanning is one of our in-house services. Click the Contact Us button for contact information and we will make arrangements to pickup your items. Upon completion we will courier them back to your home or office. Local pickup and drop is only valid in San Diego County.